Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Ten Minute Update

[A Ten Minute Update: because I gave myself a ten minute break to do this post, not because that's how long it takes to read. Probably.]

Because of the many papers and tests which my professors have graciously scheduled for us these last two weeks, I must postpone my updates for a few days. Living in London is wonderful, but frustrating when there are so many things on my plate, keeping me from fully experiencing and enjoying this glorious city here at the very end. I am excited to go visit Ireland next Friday and Saturday though!!!

Quick update of things I've done/seen lately:
Wednesday: saw The Misanthrope. Enjoyed it immensely.
Friday: enjoyed the London Dungeon and the London Eye with some lovely views of the city at night!
Saturday: Windsor Castle-the Queen was there, and although we didn't see her we all enjoyed a nice morning at the castle. And the sun was out!! (That's kind of a big deal around here.)
The rest of the time: working on papers and writing haiku's when I get too overwhelmed.

Here's a fun picture of America which isn't totally politically correct but made me laugh with some things I'm excited about below:

Reasons I'm excited to be back in Texas/America:
  • sunshine (you can't possibly understand how much I've missed it)
  • family (obviously)
  • heat (it's cold cold. Coldest spring in 25 years, just my luck!!)
  • friends (for obvious reasons)
  • baseball: go Rangers! (not a thing in this country)
  • school will be OVER for four months!!!! (I'm particularly looking forward to that one right now. Keep me in your prayers please.)
  • no more laundry in the bathtub and/or paying around $15 bucks to wash/dry one load
  • sweet tea
  • unlimited spotify (they only gave me 10 hours here free)
  • chick-fl-a
  • free refills
  • short sleeved shirts/shorts/sandals/sunshine/everything summer entails

Also, here's a nice video talking about what people would do if they had an extra day. Which is totally relevant because I feel like I'm frantically running out of time-both with my school deadlines and with the remainder of my time here.

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